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Valley is proving that quality cardiology research isn’t exclusively the domain of the big-city health systems.  At Valley, we’re significantly increasing patients’ odds of surviving life-threatening heart conditions.

Juan B. Grau, M.D. - Cardiac ResearchResearcher Juan Grau, M.D., (pictured at left) set out to increase heart patients’ odds of survival.  In the process, he changed the way today’s doctors practice cardiac surgery.

Dr. Grau is engaged in the most ambitious project ever undertaken in this arena.  His team has been utilizing arterial conduits while performing bypass surgery on select cardiac patients. Based on 17 years of patient follow-up, he has witnessed a significant survival advantage. Dr. Grau was already performing this bypass procedure at a rate four times the national average.  Since publishing his research, his team has doubled the utilization of this procedure to more than 30 percent of patients, and he doesn’t plan to stop there. “At Valley, I can guarantee you that we will continue to increase this utilization in the coming years, while dramatically increasing patient survival rates.”

Another ambitious study looks at patients who received stents and aren’t responding to antiplatelet medicines.  Previously, doctors presumed the patient needed something more powerful. “We discovered the recommended dosage and frequency for these medications is ineffective for some patients,” Dr. Grau said.  “It’s like not taking any medication at all.”

Utilizing genetic tools, Dr. Grau’s team identified unique mutations in these patients.  He found that when pairing these mutations with other clinical results it was clear that certain patients were being unnecessarily medicated.  This finding not only saves patients money, it protects them from the negative side effects of ineffective medications.

Suneet Mittal, M.D. - Cardiac ResearchFellow cardiologist Suneet Mittal, M.D., (pictured at right) shares his colleague’s drive. He has been studying how to best manage patients with an  irregular heart rhythm. This disease accounts for up to 50 percent of the surgeries performed at Valley.

Dr. Mittal is pursuing drug-free solutions. His work requires specialized equipment, new approaches and more physical space. “We want to save more lives,” Dr. Mittal said, “and funding continues to be a critical part of the equation.”  

“Valley is unbelievably attentive to our needs, because this directly translates to patient outcomes,” said Jonathan Steinberg, M.D. As a researcher and pioneer in electrophysiology, he sees firsthand how this commitment extends to the patient. “We take every little experience, every touch, into account. When looking at the quality, outcomes and sophistication here, anyone can be convinced to choose Valley.” 

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