What Your Gift Supports

What Your Gift Supports

The Valley Hospital Foundation supports The Valley Hospital and Valley Home Care. Your donation can be given “unrestricted,” meaning the Foundation can determine the greatest need at a given time. You can also designate their gift to a specific clinical service at The Valley Hospital, Valley Medical Group and Valley Home Care.

At the Hospital:

Since 1951, The Valley Hospital has existed to care for the people of our community when they need it most. The doctors, nurses and employees provide healing, ease suffering and work to improve the quality of life for patients. From the tiniest premature newborn to the grandmother at the end of life, Valley provides compassionate care, regardless of ability to pay.

Valley is vital to the community. Valley makes sure vital resources are in place to make the best possible care available – right here, in our community. Gifts are vital, too. Each gift joins with every other gift to keep Valley strong and at the ready for you, and me, and those we care about most – when we need it most.

Valley is your hospital. You want your family, friends, and neighbors to have access to world-class services, right here in your own community. At Valley, you have access to the best when you need it. Over the years, Valley has been known for excellence in clinical care - excellence that is made possible by people like you. Modern facilities, cutting edge technology and innovative programs are costly, but with your help, through your charitable donations, they are available for all who need them.

Emergency Care

Often, time is of the essence. Heart attacks, stroke, routine mishaps of life and other “emergent” needs are met in the newly designed and equipped Emergency Department. Valley’s Pediatric Emergency Department meets the special needs of kids – and parents – at a scary time. Charitable gifts keep emergency services strong and equipped with leading edge technology.

At Valley Home Care:


The journey through loss and grief is difficult and lonely. Children and adolescents need a safe place to express the grief, anger and fear related to loss -- thereby developing important coping skills. The Journeys program works with children and adolescents age 3 through 17 who are affected by the serious illness or the death of a loved one.


Children who have been diagnosed with life-limiting or life-threatening illnesses need special attention so they can enjoy the pleasures of everyday living. Valley Home Care’s Butterflies program provides comprehensive home care services for children and adolescents, and their families. The Butterflies team delivers hospice care to the child and specialized bereavement services for parents and siblings after the death of the child. Medicaid and private insurance do not fully cover the operating costs of this program, making it necessary to seek donations.


Valley Hospice provides care at home to persons who are terminally ill. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death but affirms life, emphasizing quality through symptom control provided by an interdisciplinary team. Hospice empowers patients to live their lives to the end with dignity and comfort while involving families and loved ones in providing care. Private donations are important in order to continue to provide our high quality of care. Gifts can also be made in honor of or as a memorial to a loved one.