What Your Gift Supports

“It’s home. Everybody just wants to be home.” 

That’s how Drew Degrado sums up his experience with Valley Home Care.

About five years ago, Drew’s wife, Mary, who was 63 at the time, began to struggle with her memory and dementia. When the problem became more severe, she saw all kinds of doctors—psychologists, neurologists—but no one could figure out what was wrong. She had some kind of dementia, but no one knew what kind. She had symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease, but not exactly the same. 

“We didn’t know what we were facing,” Drew says.

Finally, after three years of a frustrating search for a cause of Mary’s condition, she was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, or LBD, a difficult-to-diagnose form of dementia that affects 1.3 million people in the United States. It’s a life-threatening disease—on average, people live five to eight years after the onset of symptoms.

It was soon after Mary’s diagnosis with LBD that the Degrados turned to Valley Home Care. Right away, Drew knew they’d made the right choice. “Everyone at Valley Home Care was incredible,” Drew says. “They made a horrible, horrible time bearable.”

For the Degrados, Valley Home Care offered a combination of care and convenience that they couldn’t find anywhere else. “The nurses, the social workers, everyone who came to our house was so knowledgeable and so understanding. They explained everything to us—what was happening, what to expect. It really was remarkable.”

Sadly, Mary Degrado died March 8, just before her 69th birthday. But to Drew, the 18 months Mary spent with Valley Home Care were far better than any alternative. “It’s like you have all the resources of a hospital, but you’re in the comfort of your home,” he says. “I know Valley Home Care improved Mary’s quality of life. It also improved my quality of life. It’s just better for everyone.”

Please join us in our commitment to offering that “better for everyone” care to everyone in our community. Help us provide you and your loved ones with extraordinary health care that’s caring, convenient and close to home. 

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