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Population Health Aims at Improving Care, Cost and Health

The term "Population Health" encompassess so much in today's health care environment, but within Valley Health System, it is linked to three main goals —  improving the patient’s experience, lowering the cost of care, and improving the health of our northern New Jersey population.  

On January 1, 2016, Valley Health System officially formed the Population Health Department to ensure we are providing the right care at the right time in the right setting.   Valley's team of complex care nurse managers and other staff help to streamline care for patients who are identified as being at a high risk for hospital readmissions. By tracking patients across the healthcare spectrum; coordinating patients’ post-discharge needs; communicating with patients’ healthcare providers; and providing health education and referrals for additional healthcare services, our team can help patients manage their condition and avoid unnecessary hospital stays.  

At the core of Population Health is our focus on improving the health of high-risk patients in our community; coordinating healthcare services to better serve our patients; helping patients avoid duplicate or unnecessary services (including hospital admissions); and lowering the cost of care. Population Health cares for patients in the hospital, at home and in post-acute care settings.  We have begun this program with ACO, Medicare Shared Savings, patients only but plan on expanding these services in an incremental fashion over time. 

One solution the Population Health Department has deemed critical to the advancement of care is the utilization of telehealth technology in the form of a monitoring tool called Health Recovery Solutions (HRS).   The HRS tool aims to reduce readmissions and take care of high-risk patients post discharge by providing patients with tablets, customized with their medications, reminders and disease-specific information and educational content.

With HRS, our high-risk patients are still being cared for even after they leave the hospital. This cutting-edge technology provides them with critical educational information about their specific condition, and with the ‘face time’ like feature, they are able to see and converse with their clinician from the convenience of their own living room. 

In order to introduce this new program efficiently, a ‘pilot’ phase will roll out first for high-risk Accountable Care Organization (ACO) patients, to be followed by a system-wide implementation. 

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