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The Cuddle Cot Gives Grieving Parents the Gift of Time

October 31, 2018 Ridgewood, New Jersey.  Saying goodbye to a stillborn baby is the first step in a long and difficult grieving process, one that lasts a lifetime. Once the child’s body is taken away, many parents describe a deep longing to hold and cuddle their baby again, or regret at not having enough time to make memories with their baby.

This was how an Old Tappan couple, Matthew Stamatopoulos and Dr. Pascale Nadeau, felt after delivering their stillborn son, Kyle Nicholas, at The Valley Hospital last year. Suffering this great loss was excruciating, to say the least, and left them dedicated to making this experience less painful for other families down the road. So, after much research and quiet contemplation, the Stamatopoulos family decided to make a unique contribution. In memory of their late son, they donated a “Cuddle Cot” to The Mother Baby Unit within The Valley Hospital to help other parents suffering infant loss.

For those who choose this, the Cuddle Cot provides parents of stillborn babies or babies who die shortly after birth with the gift of time before saying a final farewell. The cooling blanket preserves the infant’s body so that he or she can remain in a hospital room longer, greatly extending the time a family can spend with their baby, if they so desire.

“The limited amount of time spent with a stillborn baby is the only chance that a family has to make memories.  The gift of extra time together is invaluable,” Pascale said.

Having a proper goodbye is crucial to a healthy grieving process. Losing a newborn brings on a particularly complex grief because it is so unexpected, sudden and drastic. Valley’s staff is committed to providing quality care to these parents, and the availability of the new Cuddle Cot aims to make that journey a little easier.

The Stamatopoulos family remains connected to the Mother Baby unit at The Valley Hospital – the family welcomed a daughter in August of 2018. She is thriving and the entire family remains grateful for all of the outstanding care they have received at Valley.

The Stamatopoulos Family