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The Joy of Giving

Miss Jessie LeSaneIt’s quite possible you’ll never meet a more positive person than Jessie LeSane. She worked as an employee and then as a volunteer in the employee cafeteria at The Valley Hospital for 16 years and tries to donate a little money every chance she gets. “Even if it’s a dollar, you have to give something back to the community if you can afford it,” Jessie says. “It’s wonderful to give because you never know when you’re going to need something back.”

This philosophy has certainly proven to be true for Jessie. Several years ago, her grandson came to Valley suffering from an asthma attack. His mother, who spoke English as a second language, was distressed and having difficulty trying to explain the situation to the doctors. Fortunately, emergency department pediatrician Peter Lee, M.D., speaks Spanish. He was able to break the language barrier and give Jessie’s grandson the emergency care he needed.

Now Jessie feels an even stronger responsibility to donate to The Valley Hospital.  After seeing the care her grandson received, she says she makes sure to make a contribution to the Emergency Department every chance she gets. “They’re able to get new equipment, and they have an incredible staff there. I’m just thankful I’m able to give something.”