Who We Are

Protecting a Valuable Resource For Our Community.

Robert and Lenni Puritz“If I collapsed on a street in New York, I’d put my hand up for a taxi and say, ‘Take me to Ridgewood, New Jersey,’” Bob Puritz says. As a person who has seen the hospital as a patient and as a Trustee, Bob is more qualified than most to make this observation. “The Valley Hospital is absolutely on the cutting edge of medicine today,” Bob continues. “It’s every bit as good or better than the major New York hospitals.”

Bob’s insights into the inner-workings of The Valley Hospital date back to 1971, when he first joined the Board of Trustees. “Everybody on that board was a major player – people you’d read about in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. And here I was, just some kid with a men’s store in Ridgewood,” Puritz recalls. “At first, I was intimidated, until I realized: what they know, I will never know. So there’s no sense in competing in that way. But what I know about the Village of Ridgewood, they’ll never know. We learned to trust each other’s expertise.”

After representing the needs of our community for 12 years on The Valley Hospital's Board of Trustees, Bob took his expertise to the Board of Trustees of The Valley Hospital Foundation from 1983 to 1995. Now he sits on the President’s Council where he gets a first look at the medical technology for which Valley is looking to raise money.

That experience has given Bob valuable insight. “You want the hospital to be able to continue on the cutting-edge of medicine.They are saving lives here that can’t be saved elsewhere.”