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Reluctant to Home Care at First, Exuberant at Last

Home Care Hand in handNot unlike the uneasiness a new parent feels when investigating day care facilities for an infant, it can be extremely difficult to find the right fit when it comes to finding the right team of nurses for a family member in need of a quality home health program.  After all, these people enter your home, administer medications, manage care and eventually become a part of your daily routine, sometimes for an extended period of time.  In some rare but fortunate cases, they become almost part of the family. 

Having been diagnosed with sarcoma over a decade ago, 69-year old Geraldine Syracuse has relied on her children and other family members throughout this journey. But when the most recent surgery resulted in a wound that needed constant medical attention, home care was the Syracuse family’s solution.

Geraldine’s daughter, Stacy Salmon, was admittedly apprehensive about bringing someone else in to take care of her mother.   “My Mom had had cancer for 9.5 years and I have never let anyone else take care of her in her home because I did not trust anyone to care as much as we do”, she said. 

Weary about letting in a stranger but feeling obligated to assign a group to help them through the wound healing process, Geradine and her family finally decided to have the Valley Home Care team of nurses take this case. “I interviewed Jennifer [Eaton], and we allowed her in” Stacy recalls.  “Since then, she has always been right there for my mom.  If I hand known my mom could have had this kind of care, we would have used them long ago". 

Before Valley Home Care nurses arrived, Geraldine was unable to walk, taking multiple pain medications, and fighting a severe infection on her leg.  The team assigned to her care visited three times a week, carefully nursed her wound, and addressed all of her immediate medical needs.  A few short months later, Geradine was walking with a walker, had completely recovered from the infection, discontinued her pain medication, and was enjoying a much more satisfying quality of life. 

Because her treatment has been so effective, Geradine is ironically saddened that her team will no longer be assigned to her care, but grateful that her experience has been so positive. 
“I will miss all of the nurses from Valley Home Care.  Jennifer is the best nurse I have ever had, and I have been in and out of 4 different hospitals many times over the past 10 years.  I have seen lot of nurses and a lot of doctors”, Geraldine asserts.  “Not one of them is as good as her.”

Valley Home Care offers a full spectrum of services to meet a variety of healthcare needs, and the highly skilled staff is known for its care and compassion.  Careful attention is given to assessing, planning and managing a quality home health program for an individual and/or whole family. All home health care plans are under the direction of the patient's physician, who is intimately involved in all aspects of the care and works closely with the staff.  VHC's healthcare professionals provide complex and highly skilled care to patients of every type of diagnosis.