About The Valley Hospital Foundation

The Valley Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of Valley Health System. A 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, its purpose is to raise funds that support the programs and services of The Valley Hospital, Valley Medical Group and Valley Home Care. The Valley Hospital Foundation is the grateful recipient of charitable gifts from throughout Valley's community, including a significant percentage of Valley's own employees and physicians.

Since 1951, The Valley Hospital has existed to care for the people of our community when they need it most. The doctors, nurses, and employees provide healing, ease suffering, and work to improve the quality of life for patients. An integral part of Valley Health System, Valley Medical Group (VMG) is a physician-led and professionally-managed group practice dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the community. Featuring more than 380 providers, VMG proudly offers superior care in a variety of medical specialties. Valley Home Care (VHC)provides in-home comprehensive, quality healthcare by professionally trained staff.

From the tiniest premature newborn to the grandmother at the end of life, Valley Health System provides compassionate and expert care, regardless of ability to pay. At The Valley Hospital Foundation, we do all we can to ensure that The Valley Hospital, Valley Medical Group and Valley Home Care continue to have the funding needed to be ready for you, your loved ones, and your neighbors in a time of need.

Valley is vital to the community. Valley makes sure essential resources are in place, ensuring the best possible care is always available – right here, in our own community. Philanthropic gifts are pivotal to Valley's continued world-class healthcare. Each gift joins with every other gift advancing Valley's ability to maintain the best care providers, facilities and state of the art medical equipment ready for you and those you care about.

Valley is your comprehensive health system. You want your family, friends, and neighbors to have access to the best possible medical care, right here in northern New Jersey. Over the years, Valley has been known for excellence in clinical care, excellence that is made possible by people like you. Modern facilities, cutting edge technology, innovative programs and research are costly, but with your help, through your charitable donations, they are available for all who need them.

Supporters just like you help to make a difference every day.

Supporters just like you help to make a difference every day.