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Women For Health

Women For Health is a women’s giving circle making a difference throughout Valley Health System. Donors pool their social and philanthropic resources, each committing to an annual gift of at least $1,000. Once a year, members hear and evaluate presentations on different Valley programs and services, and then collectively select a recipient to support.

Membership is open to all women who want to join! The group meets twice a year: the first, a Spring Luncheon which provides an opportunity for members to introduce Women For Health to their friends; the second, a members-only Fall Luncheon where members vote and select the program recipient of their gift. In the years since the group’s founding in 2011, the number of members has grown, making each annual grant larger and more impactful. To date, the members of Women For Health have given approximately $1.6 million to programs and services throughout Valley Health System.

If you are passionate about healthcare in northern New Jersey and are interested in maximizing your personal philanthropy, please consider becoming a member of Women For Health.

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