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Inspired Giving from Valley Trustees


The development of the new Valley campus in Paramus represents an investment in Valley's continued excellence. To help bring this project to fruition, many of Valley's dedicated trustees have stepped forward to proudly affirm their philanthropic support. Here we profile five trustees and their spouses who have helped to put the Foundation one step closer to the completion of its new hospital fundraising initiative. While their backgrounds are unique and diverse, they share a commitment to Valley Health System and a desire to help build the next generation of healthcare in Northern New Jersey.

Bob and Heidi Fink

"Valley is a special place to us," explains Bob Fink. The Finks' relationship with the hospital began in 1983 with the birth of the first of their three sons. Out of appreciation for the excellent care Heidi received as a new mother, they began making contributions to the hospital's annual fund. Bob joined the Foundation's Board of Trustees in 1999, beginning an uninterrupted nineteen-year tenure in service to Valley. He followed his time on the Foundation Board as a trustee of The Valley Hospital, Valley Medical Group, the Medical Board, and the Valley Health System. On his retirement from his Valley roles in 2018, Bob was elected Honorary Trustee. Heidi has been significantly involved as well, serving as a longtime and active member of the Franklin Lakes Branch of the Auxiliary, a volunteer at Kurth Cottage Café, and a founding member of Women For Health.

For 37 years, Valley has remained an important part of the Finks' philanthropic commitments. "Through our involvement as volunteers and as patients, we have come to appreciate not only the excellent clinical care but also the special emphasis that Valley attaches to treating every patient with warmth and kindness." Their latest gift supports The Valley Hospital in Paramus, naming a Family Lounge in Post-Partum: "We are especially excited that Valley's reach and impact will be enhanced now and for years to come with the birth of the new hospital."

Ralph and Elizabeth Mastrangelo

"How often does one get to support the building of a brand-new hospital facility in your community?" Ralph Mastrangelo asks. "It's a rare event that deserves all the support we can give." The Mastrangelos first became supporters of Valley in 1978 when Elizabeth started at the hospital as nurse. Over the years they grew better acquainted through Elizabeth's membership in the Auxiliary, and eventually, the birth of their children. Years later, as Ralph considered ways to be involved with a hospital close to home in Bergen County, Valley was a natural fit. After first participating in the President's Council, he was delighted to join the Foundation's Board of Trustees in 2019.

Ralph's interest in the complexities and challenges of the healthcare industry first took him to the Board of Trustees of New York Downtown Hospital when he worked on Wall Street. He explains that 9/11 was a quick lesson in the inner workings of hospital institutions and impressed upon him the importance of hospitals in emergency events. This helped to inspire Ralph and Elizabeth's support for The Valley Hospital in Paramus, where they will name a Resuscitation Suite and Nurses' Station in the Emergency Department. "How lucky are we to have a local state-of-the-art health care institution with the most up-to-date facilities." Ralph states. "It's a wonderful opportunity that will serve the community with the latest and greatest care for years to come."

Bill and Yolla Rahal

Bill and Yolla Rahal can't remember a time when the family was not connected to The Valley Hospital. Bill fondly remembers his mother Georgina as a hospital "Gray Lady", a volunteer that would work the welcome desk and take shifts at Kurth Cottage. It was this early dedication to Valley that has inspired a lifelong commitment for the Rahal family. Both Yolla and Bill previously participated in the hospital's President's Council, and Yolla currently sits on the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Understandably, the family can mark many milestones at the hospital: There have been the births of children and grandchildren. When their daughter decided she wanted to go into medicine, she spent years at Valley as a volunteer. They speak of lifesaving operations, and the doctors who have become personal friends. As Lifetime Benefactors to the Foundation, the Rahals lead by example with their personal philanthropy and continued service to the hospital. Today they are proud to make a generous gift in support of The Valley Hospital in Paramus to name a Respiratory Care Office Suite: "For us, it was important that there would be a dedicated children's floor and single-patient rooms in the new hospital," Yolla explains. "Valley is a special place, and we are forever grateful for the relationships we have built and the care we’ve received."

Frank and Karen Sheehy

For more than 10 years, Frank and Karen Sheehy have been active and engaged Valley supporters. Karen is a longtime member of Women For Health, while Frank is a former trustee of the Hospital Board and now serves as the Vice Chair of The Valley Health System Board. With a background as a healthcare executive, Frank brings a unique perspective to his role as a Board member, and speaks highly of the company he keeps with his fellow trustees: "This has not only been an opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way, but a chance to develop relationships with quality and committed volunteers."

It was during Frank's tenure as Chairman of the hospital's Board of Trustees that preparations began for Valley's move to Paramus. His dedication during this consequential and exciting time in Valley's history played an important role in helping to write the hospital's next chapter. He and Karen came forward as early supporters of the project, making a generous gift to name a Labor and Delivery patient room in honor of Valley's maternity program at the Center for Childbirth. For the Sheehys, philanthropy has always been a fundamental part of their commitment to Valley. Their support of the new hospital will help to meet the region's present and future healthcare needs, contributing to not just the success of Valley, but to the success of the community as well.

Steve and Ava Silverstein

Steve and Ava Silverstein first came to Valley with the birth of their second daughter. However, it was Steve's survival of a cancer diagnosis that fueled his philanthropic interest in healthcare. In 2007, Steve was invited to join the President's Council, followed by an appointment to the hospital's Board of Trustees in 2008. Reflecting on his 13-plus years of service to Valley, Steve says it has been an honor to be involved. His tenure has included committee participation, as well as serving on the Board for Valley Medical Group, and now as a Trustee for Valley Health System.

The couple speak fondly of the "highest quality of patient care" they have received at Valley over the years. "The hallmarks of a strong community are good schools and hospitals." Ava remarks. This is part of what drives the Silversteins in their support of Valley and The Valley Hospital in Paramus. "It was never a question of participating," Steve says about making a gift to the new hospital where they will be naming a Labor and Delivery patient room. "It's important to take care of your community," Ava continues. "Being involved in philanthropy ensures that essential causes and organizations are able to continue for generations to come."