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Jeff Seidler Makes Generous Gift In Honor Of Life-Saving Care From Valley Doctors


One afternoon in March 2021, Jeff Seidler began to experience chest pain. Then 37, the active father-of-two was in good health, and had just run four miles the day before. However, life changed in an instant that evening for the Seidler family when Jeff suffered a massive heart attack. “I had a poor chance of survival,” Jeff says. “My wife performed CPR, and the Glen Rock Police, EMTs, and Paramedics were at my house within five minutes of the 911 call. Ten minutes after that, I was at Valley. I am incredibly grateful to all of these people who were integral in saving my life.”

In the emergency surgery that followed, Jeff had two stents put into his heart. That surgery was followed by a medically induced therapeutic hypothermia. Reflecting on the challenges faced by his family during this time, Jeff is grateful for the support they received by Valley’s doctors, nurses, and staff. “Even when my wife wasn’t able to be there in person, she was constantly being updated by my clinicians and doctors. They would put things into layman’s terms she could understand.” Two weeks after his arrival at Valley, Jeff finally came off a ventilator. “I remember looking around the room and there were pictures of my family. I was amazed how much the staff knew about me, and about my family. There was a real familiarity, and it was a nice welcome back.” Jeff then turned his focus to his recovery. He first returned home needing assistance with day-to-day activities. After a few months of at-home physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation, Jeff was able to run again. “I really feel like I have made strides thanks to my doctors and my rehab team at Valley. I can swim with my daughter, go to the park with my son, go out with my wife. I feel like I am getting back to normal.”  Four months later Jeff had an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and pacemaker put into his chest. “With the ICD I can live life without worrying about another cardiac arrest at home. It has been an incredible relief.”

Now living in Glen Rock after having grown up in Oradell, Jeff has long held Valley in high regard. “It’s a great feeling of safety knowing we have such skilled healthcare workers and doctors right in our backyard,” he explains. “Valley has always been an important part of our community. But now, as a recovering trauma patient, my connection has become even more personal.” Thankful for the lifesaving and continuous care provided by a team that included Drs. Navin Budhwani, David Montgomery, Kariann Abbate, and Tina Sichrovsky, Jeff and wife Samantha made a generous gift to Valley in support of the hospital’s critical care units, cardiac research and cardiac rehab. “It’s been a long healthcare journey, and giving back has played a major role in my healing process,” Jeff says. “These are some of the smartest, kindest, and most compassionate people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. Our gift recognizes the importance of their work, and just how important they are to our family.” A year since his heart attack, Jeff feels lucky as he looks ahead to the future. “I am incredibly grateful to be alive. Every day now is the best day of my life.”

Jeff Seidler On Being A Grateful Patient.

Jeff speaks to the Foundation about his healthcare journey, and why giving back to Valley has played a role in his healing process.