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Longtime Patrons Send Support Over Thousands of Miles


Over 2,400 miles separate Scottsdale, Arizona-based supporters Lillian and James (Jim) Reed from Valley Hospital. However, a large distance could not deter these longtime patrons from making a generous gift in support of The Valley Hospital in Paramus.

Originally making their home in Franklin Lakes, the Reeds came to know Valley through friends in the Auxiliary. Lillian quickly joined, becoming involved in the Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff branches. "And then I never looked back," she explains with a laugh. "I was fortunate to belong to such a worthwhile organization."

She remained an active and dedicated member of the Auxiliary, eventually moving onto the Central Board and then into the role of President from 1988 to 1990. Her years were marked with many accomplishments: presiding over the Auxiliary's $1.25 million pledge for the renovation of the Bergen Pavilion Lobby, subsequently named in honor of the Auxiliary; worked as a Steering Committee member and Distribution Chairman of the Auxiliary's 1985 Cookbook, Acornucopia; and a successful membership campaign during her tenure as President, resulting in the addition of two new branches of the Auxiliary. The passion that fueled her dedication to the hospital was something she recognized across all volunteers. In the 1989 issue of the ACORN, the Auxiliary's quarterly publication, Lillian wrote, "When someone asks you if you volunteer at Valley Hospital, proudly tell them 'YES!' Your work is important, constructive, and improves the quality of life in the community."

Lillian became an Honorary Trustee of The Valley Hospital Board when she and Jim moved west to Arizona. They remain ever committed to Valley and speak fondly of their memories, including the "wonderful doctors, administrators, and staff" you would see as you walked down the halls. Jim explains, "We have a great love for Valley and the outstanding service they render to the community. The thought that those people are the ones to take action and establish the new hospital made us feel that it was a very good place to give back to." The couple's gift will name an outdoor garden space in honor of Lillian's work with the Auxiliary. "The new hospital is one of those projects that was attractive to us," Lillian says, "and we wanted to be a part of it."