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Longtime Valley Donors Hope to Inspire Others with Their Gift


When The Valley Hospital in Paramus opens in December 2023, its Conference Center will bear the name of the Oros family, donors to Valley for over three decades. For John and Anne Oros, the naming opportunity follows other leadership gifts the couple has made over a number of years. "We are proud to be identified as supporters of the hospital," John explains. "I believe when people in the community step up, it helps to demonstrate support and raise additional funds for the hospital. That's when 'naming' can be a good thing."

John and Anne have long been community and philanthropically minded, with interests spanning education, social services, and healthcare. However, their compassion and kindness go beyond financial support. In 1995, with their youngest daughter about to enter middle school, Anne looked into fostering and found her way to Bethany Christian Services. The organization allowed John and Anne to help children who were hard to place and in situations of greatest need, right in northern New Jersey. Their work then continued with Children's Aid and Family Services, and today Anne remains a passionate and active advocate in the community for adoption and foster care. Almost 25 years after their initial conversation, the couple has fostered more than 50 infants and children, and adopted one. While they are no longer involved in the day-to-day activities associated with fostering, they proudly consider themselves foster grandparents, and have remained close to the families in their foster network and in the lives of a number of the children who have stayed with them.

Ridgewood residents since 1979, the couple speak fondly about Valley. As they reflect on the birth of babies, annual checkups, and life-saving procedures, John and Anne are grateful for the years of care the hospital has provided to both their immediate and chosen extended family. This is only part of what has helped to inform their giving history with the hospital. They cite their long-standing personal relationship with Audrey Meyers and her family as another integral reason they've remained close to Valley. Now John and Anne look forward to the hospital's next chapter in Paramus. "We have every reason to be delighted that we have, and will continue to have, a world class facility close by. And we are thrilled to be in a position in which we can help Audrey and The Valley Hospital."