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Strong Communities Supporting Valley


When the pandemic paused normal life, Valley’s neighboring communities immediately stepped up with innovative ways to support their local hospitals. Since the middle of March, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Wyckoff, and many other Bergen County communities have been extraordinarily supportive towards Valley during this crisis. 

The Dater PTO in Ramsey launched Ramsey Strong, an initiative to show the frontline appreciation. Donations went towards purchasing meals for Valley and other area hospitals. People could also contribute to other initiatives such as the Front Porch Project, the Plant Sale at Skyline Nursery, Supporting True Heroes Yard Signs, where the proceeds went to Ramsey Strong. 

Ridgewood’s Feed the Frontlines Initiative took a similar approach towards helping healthcare workers. Under the leadership of Mayor Ramon Hache, in collaboration with The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce, HealthBarn Foundation, and many resident volunteers, the town provided thousands of meals to Valley employees prepared by local Ridgewood restaurants.  

The generous community of Wyckoff established Helping Healthcare Heroes, another grass-roots effort which provided thousands of meals to healthcare workers throughout the area including Valley. A group of Wyckoff mothers banded together to start the Facebook group which swiftly became an army of volunteers working in concert to help in the fight against COVID-19. 

These coordinated efforts gave Valley's thoughtful community members the chance to help in the fight against the COVID-19 while providing a sources of revenue to the local food service industry.  Since mid-March, more than 40,000 meals were donated to nourish our hardworking staff.

Parades are another magnificent way to show appreciation for Valley’s heroes. Both Ramsey and Ridgewood held elaborate drive-by parades led by their own first responders with emergency vehicles blaring sirens.  Enthusiastic community members have also circled the hospital property, their smiling faces, happy beeping, decorated vehicles, and hand-made signs of gratitude have done wonders in lifting the spirits of our staff.