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Valley’s Bergen Anesthesia Group Affirms Support for The Valley Hospital in Paramus with $1 million Leadership Gift


For 70 years, Valley's donors have been partners in helping the hospital move forward: assisting in building new facilities, advancing research, and creating new programs. This longtime support is showcased by Valley doctors, who, over the years have provided a wonderful example to the community of their commitment to providing exceptional healthcare while philanthropically supporting the hospital's efforts. Now, as the hospital embarks on its most ambitious project to date, members of Valley's own medical staff have stepped up once again. In June, with a $1 million Leadership Gift, the Bergen Anesthesia Group (BAG) proudly affirmed its early support of The Valley Hospital in Paramus. "Bergen Anesthesia Group are well respected and influential members of the Valley's community of doctors," said David Bohan, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at The Valley Hospital Foundation. "After many years of generous support, we are grateful to count them among the benefactors of The Valley Hospital in Paramus. Their gift will make a significant impact on the project."

BAG formed in 1994 to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art anesthesia and pain management services to all branches of Valley Health System. The team has long been a generous partner to the Valley Hospital Foundation in philanthropy, and recently reached a milestone as Lifetime Benefactors at the Gold level with over $1 million in cumulative giving. After years of generously supporting the Auxiliary, past capital campaigns, and hospital-focused initiatives, BAG's recent campaign contribution continues their steadfast commitment to Valley. "Bergen Anesthesia Group is hospital based, and for almost 30 years, Valley has supported us every step of the way," explains BAG's Dr. Michael Ietta. "We are invested in making sure Valley is the best, both in and out of the clinical area. For us, it's sleeves up ready to do whatever we can to help the hospital advance and grow."

Dr. Ietta will serve as a campaign Co-Chairman alongside Vince Forlenza, Chairman of Valley Health System's Board of Trustees, Carole Gillespie, and Vic Wortmann, Chairman of the Valley Hospital Foundation's Board of Trustees. For Dr. Ietta, the new hospital represents Valley's evolution into the next phase of the delivery of healthcare. A recent visit to the construction site in Paramus and a tour of the mock-up rooms impressed upon him the commitment Valley is making to its medical staff. "Valley is vital to our community, and to its physicians. If we support the hospital, then we support its future in The Valley Hospital in Paramus." He believes this is a sentiment shared by Valley's doctors. Whether just starting out, or with the hospital for years, Valley is where physicians have seen their professional careers flourish, where they deliver care, and where their own families receive care. It is their hospital. "Our collective generosity is important," Dr. Ietta continues. "Valley has continually invested in its physicians, and this campaign is an opportunity for our physicians to invest in Valley."