What Your Gift Supports

Medicine of the Twenty-First Century, Here at Valley 

A major focus at The Valley Hospital is to carry out cutting edge clinical trials and support novel translational research, which is research that takes the data  staff gather and applies it at the bedside to directly impact our patients.  Information from scientific investigation informs decisions and practices regarding our patients and enables our doctors to tailor care to each and every individual.  Valley’s research program saves lives.

The continued growth and development of Valley's distinguished programs in neuroscience, cardiology, oncology and research furthers Valley's mission of putting people first while nurturing scientific inquiry.  We invite you to join us in this endeavor.  In order to properly fund these initiatives, we need your help to create a number of endowments including chairs, directorships, fellowships, and research funds.  You can also help with current-use funds to support ongoing research projects, staff support and technology and equipment.  Read on to learn some of the highlights of Valley's cutting-edge projects and initiatives.


The nervous system is the most complex biological network in the human body.  This complexity is reflected in Valley’s array of renowned, fellowship-trained subspecialists who treat brain tumors; spinal cord injuries and congenital neurological conditions, such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, stroke and aneurysm.


The Daniel and Gloria Blumenthal Cancer Center has garnered six Gold Seals from the Joint Commission, the premier hospital accreditation organization in the United States.  No other hospital in the nation has earned more Gold Seals for oncology care. The Cancer Center has adopted a three-pronged approach: clinical excellence, leading-edge technology and on-site research.


The Valley Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Institute is comprised of more than 60 superb specialists in cardiovascular medicine, working in close cooperation to develop a model of aligned and highly individualized patient care.  Valley’s cardiac services are ranked in the top five percent in the nation.


Valley’s distinguished and internationally renowned Arrhythmia Institute specializes in electrophysiology—the treatment of electrical impulses that control the heartbeat—the fastest growing field in cardiology.  Outpatient care and device follow-up is performed in an off-site dedicated facility.  The Institute also conducts groundbreaking clinical research and publishes extensively in leading cardiological and arrhythmia journals.