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Beautiful, Accessible and Sustainable

Thirty percent of the new hospital setting is devoted to green space. The gardens, lawns, and walking paths will provide a beautiful, park-like setting, so that families, patients, and visitors will be able to relax and have a moment of serenity. Patient rooms will overlook either the gardens on the main level or rooftop gardens.

The new 40-acre campus will contribute to the health and beauty of the community and will be easily accessible to major highways and access points, including Route 17, the Garden State Parkway, East Ridgewood Avenue, A&S Drive (Paramus Park Mall), and From Road. Estimates indicate there will actually be an improvement in traffic flow on East Ridgewood Avenue due to road improvements and new traffic lights and patterns that have been incorporated into the project. The campus will have 2,800 parking spaces (both outdoor and in a dedicated parking structure) and will be easily accessible to public transportation.

The construction plans have been developed with a focus on sustainability, incorporating best practices for energy efficiency, space utilization, water consumption, and use of natural light, with the goal of gaining top LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rankings.

In sum, this new patient-centered, future-oriented, and accessible campus will truly be a health and wellness destination for the entire region.