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Built for the Future

In building The Valley Hospital in Paramus, flexibility for the future has been a central consideration — ensuring that the hospital will serve the healthcare needs of the community
for generations to come.

In addition to the latest technological advances, the new hospital will integrate and coordinate key service lines to maximize future opportunities. The new central interventional platform — an area that will house the emergency department, diagnostic imaging and testing, and operating (OR) and procedural rooms — will help break down walls between surgical and non-surgical interventions to deliver the best, most coordinated and efficient patient care, while also providing flexibility for the future. For example, the anesthesia department will be able to efficiently serve cardiology, surgery, and endoscopy for seamless care; diagnostic imaging will be adjacent to the emergency department and the OR on the floor above, reducing patient transport time and improving care quality. This coordinated interventional platform will make it possible for Valley to look forward and respond quickly to future opportunities in imaging, robotics, and other advanced technologies and medical breakthroughs.

Further enhancing future adaptability, all operating and procedure rooms will be sized uniformly to meet standards for a range of uses, including general surgery, minimally-invasive robotic surgery, cardiac catheterization, and endovascular procedures, among other uses. Patient rooms are also being designed to a universal set of standards to be flexible in meeting future needs.

The new hospital, its design, and advanced technology will allow Valley to stretch the possible and take maximum advantage of future advances in patient care, research,
and technology.