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Straus Family Legacy of Support Continues


On New Year's Eve, Lizzy Straus, Executive Vice President at CareOne, wrote to her team about organizational resolutions for 2021. "Most organizations believe in high ideals, but act on them only sporadically," she wrote. "The best thing to do is to establish habits that get us to enact those ideals daily." For both Lizzy and the company, these values include a deep belief in being charitable and giving back. CareOne and the Straus Family have been generous supporters of The Valley Hospital Foundation for close to 20 years. Lizzy continues this legacy of support in her role as Trustee of The Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Charitable Fund ("The Fund"). In addition to providing support to those stricken by devastating diseases and relief to those affected by natural disasters, The Fund assists many charitable organizations to fulfil their mission. Lizzy recently endorsed a grant to the Foundation to help fund the construction and fit-up of the Valley Hospital in Paramus and to name a new general operating room.

Founded by Daniel Straus, CareOne is a family-owned-and-operated integrated healthcare organization with over 45 years of experience. The company has long been a partner to Valley, dating back to the company's beginning. In fact, the first four Care One properties were all within Valley's catchment area. For Lizzy, growing up in the family business helped to fuel her lifelong dedication to the compassionate care of seniors. From an early age she volunteered in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. As an adult she joined CareOne where she is focused on taking her family's company to the next level: "Needs are changing and evolving. We are transforming post-acute care facilities to better serve our hospital partners and the next generation of patients."

She recognizes a similar sentiment driving the fundraising initiative for The Valley Hospital in Paramus: a purpose-built, state-of-the-art hospital will be able to service the needs of more patients. "At the end of the day, healthcare is about the importance of caring for each other. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Audrey Meyers and her team, and it is a pleasure to be part of the next era of The Valley Hospital."